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Hockey was introduced in 2008, the team has grown throughout and have played at different competitions and championships. Our team of coaches, lead by Mr Kubiku and Ms Jerida, as well as Mr Khumalo and Ms Lanny (former coaches) had the privilege of coaching and managing the Limpopo provincial teams (National level) since 2014. Our team won Bronze in Durban, in 2017. One of our hockey players, Mpusheng Phase, was selected to play for the Limpopo Provincial U/13 Team in 2023. 

We also host a friendly tournament with schools in our area every year and send the Foundation Phase players to the Mini Hockey camp in Tzaneen annually to develop talent from a young age. 


The team has done a lot in equipping and working with learners. Since 2015, we have participated up to provincial level and the highest achievement we have had was when we got 3rd place at the provincial finals in 2021. The school hosts AstroQuiz friendly competitions against other schools within and around Mokopane. Our AstroQuiz team qualified for the provincial finals in 2023.


AMESA (Association for Mathematics Education in South Africa). We have Grade 4 up to Grade 7 learners participating. Three of our Grade 6 learners came in Mogalakwena District Top 15 to qualify for the provincial finals which took on the 4th of August 2023. Two of the learners, Ompha Mbengeni and Namile Makgeta scooped first and second positions respectively.

Horizon Maths:

This is a privately organized competition and one of our learners, Ompha Mbengeni came 12th position out of 98,867 competitors.


In 2017, we had a competition and won our first trophy at circuit for our under 13 participants. In 2023, our girls won Potgietersrus circuit league as well. 

We have practice and training every week and we look forward to competing against other schools.

Our team has represented us at circuit level, twenty-nine (29) proceeded to district level, six (6) went through to the cluster level and two (2) went to the Limpopo Athletes Competition in 2023.

Spelling Bee & Poetry:
Since 2015 we have achieved a lot!!! In 2022, one of the Grade 5 learners Ompha Mbengeni came second at the circuit Spelling Bee competition held at EMPC. In 2023, our very own Rethakgetse Toona got first place but was later eliminated at the District competition, however Mesgana Kebede and Mokgaetji Mokonyane from Grade 7 made it to the district level.

In September 2023, our poetry team won 1 Gold certificate, 2 Silver certificates in Grade 5 and 3 Gold certificates in Grade 7. 






We have learners from Grade 1 up to Grade 7 who are part of the tech team! We introduced Robotics with the aim to train and prepare our learners for the future as we are moving into the digital world. Having such a program helps develop our learners into critical thinkers and problem solvers, this also equips them with a lot of information required in the IT department. We basically use Robotics to solve problems.